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What is ClubSpark?

ClubSpark is on-line management tool that Kingfisher will be migrating to handle memberships, contacts, events and for payments.  To visit, Kingfisher Clubspark site, please click here.

When will my child move to another Player level?

There are many factors however this depends ony our child’s progress, ability to learn and a discussion with the Head Coach.

How often will my child be assessed?

Your child will be assessed continuously however we will have a parent’s meeting every 3 months to discuss your child’s progress. If there are urgent issues that need to be discussed (child progressing well/requires support) before these meetings, either the coach or parent can schedule a meeting.

How many competitions do I need to play?

All players (excluding Raw Starters/beginners) must play at least 1 tournament per month. Please refer to Player Expectations.  All players will be asked to complete a competition planner.

What about fitness?

Fitness is very important and introduce more into the session.  Players will have to attend a fitness class every 4-6 weeks for assessment.

How do I order a club shirt or equipment?

We are sponsored by TeesSport and if you purchase via the club, you will receive approximately 25% discount of catalogue prices of certain items. The club shirt will change every 2 years. The new shirt will be announced shortly for 2020 and 2021 season.

Please Contact Raj Patel or Ajay Naik regarding clothing and equipment advice.  Please contact Winnie Wang to place an order and to confirm prices.

Can my child play outside of the coaching session times?

Members have 24/7 access to the club as they have their own key/fob however will need to check the Table Diary to ensure tables are not booked. If all tables are in use, a 40-minute maximum playing rule exists.

What are the costs?

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There is a monthly fee that is paid fromSeptember to July. This allows your child to attend all sessions from Monday to Saturday. Some sessions are by Invite ONLY (Wed/Thursday)

What are the benefits of 1-to-1 coaching?

1-to-1 coaching is a great way to improve because the coaching is entirely focused on your game.  This is probably the quickest way to improve. The Coach will work with you to identify weaknesses and strengths, and then do lots of exercises to get you playing better and to discuss other key aspects of your game. It is highly recommended if possible, to do at least one 1-2-1 per month.

How do I get more information about 1-2-1?

Please contact any of the group coaches for arranging 1-2-1 sessions. Please check Table Diary before booking 1-2-1’s. If you require further advice, please contact the Coaching Officer or your child’s coach.

What does a 1-to-1 table tennis coaching session include?

The session will involve a combination of exercises working on technique, service, receive,footwork, consistency, tactics and match play. All our coaches will conductMulti-ball also.

How much is a 1-2-1 session?

The cost will vary from coach to coach however the cost will be approximately £30 per hour.

Can I book a one-off session?

It’s fine to book one introductory session to try it out and then book more sessions if you find it enjoyable and beneficial.

Can I share the coaching session?

Yes you can.  Most coaches will often coach 2 players at the same time. The coaches will work with both players individually and set up training exercises both players can do together. The cost for a shared session should normally be the same as an individual coaching session.

What are the advantages of paying/renewing my membership annually?

Members who do not renew or pay their membership via an annual direct debit by CoachA will be invoiced at the current membership rates the following year.

Can I book onto a table tennis group training camp?

There are many group trainings camps throughout the year. Training camps are planned primarily in the school holidays and a few weekends. Details will be on the website or on ClubSpark.

If you have any further questions, please contact Raj Patel (07879 150 339)