For the continued enjoyment and wellbeing of all club members, please make sure that you have read and understood the club's etiquette, as detailed below:

1.      Members should treat the Clubhouse, playing area and equipment with respect and apply due care at all times when using it. Fire extinguishers must not be used as doorstops but remain in position ready for use.

2.      When entering the club please remove outdoor shoes and change into sports shoes before entering the playing courts.

3.      Use the appropriate changing rooms when getting ready to play.

4.      Please respect the ladies changing room. Only males with serious disability should use this facility.

5.      Store sports bags under the chairs in the playing area, the changing room and the Social Area not on them.

6.      Remember that you are not the only one using the club and keep noise levels to a minimum as it distracts players on other tables, who are either practicing or playing league matches.

7.      If tables are moved for practice purposes please ensure that you return the playing area to its normal playing format of two match tables and three practice tables after your session.

8.      If all the practice tables are in use and others are waiting to play, please ensure that you vacate a table after a maximum of 40 minutes use.

9.      Please use the bins to discard any rubbish such as water bottles, wrappers etc. Do not leave them on the floor, window sills or seats.

10.    If you use crockery and/or cutlery in the kitchen please ensure that it is washed, dried and put away again after use. It is not the job of the club cleaners to tidy up after you.

11.    Switch off the lights over the table you have been using when finished.

12.    When leaving the club please ensure that all the emergency doors are closed, all lights are switched off and, if you are the last to leave, Chubb-lock the main entrance door.

Approved by the Club Committee