Kingfisher will be moving to a new Sports Club Management tool called CoachA. All members (new and present) will have to register an account as membership management is moving to CoachA.

Renewals and new members who want to join Kingfisher TT Club will ALL be handled via CoachA.

Why do we use CoachA?

CoachA will allow the club to easily:

  • Take online payments and manage direct debits of its members
  • Offer online bookings for sessions, coaching courses, holiday camps or other resources
  • Monitor session attendance and gain easy access to emergency details through the session app
  • Manage memberships in a single place, while remaining GDPR compliant
  • Keep in touch with their members using the free email function
  • Management of Membership

How to Register with CoachA

All members to contact either Raj Patel or Roger Pritchard