Kingfisher Table Tennis Club has a long-standing ethos of coaching and player development. More of our members have received international recognition than any other UK club of comparable size.

At Kingfisher, all coaches are qualified and licensed coaches. In addition, they will have a DBS certificate and have attended a First Aid and Safeguarding Children course all in the last three years. Licensed coaches will have their own insurance cover.

All licensed coaches offer 1-2-1 coaching to all members. This one to one coaching at Kingfisher is by arrangement at a mutually convenient time and will depend on the availability of a table.

We have a comprehensive Adult and Junior coaching programme as well as holiday activity camps which is run by our Head Coach Ajay Naik. Please refer to Adult and Junior Coaching section.

If you require 1-2-1 coaching, please contact Coaching Officer Raj Patel.


Adult coaching is designed for players who would like to take their game further or just learning to play. We welcome players of all abilities.  We currently have Adult Group Sessions on Monday and Thursday. Please check Session Times for latest timings.

There’s usually a lot of group training drills, focusing on technique, movement, service, receive and match-play.  Sessions will also involve Multiball training which is a great way to speed up your development.

Currently Adult sessions are £35 per 90 minute session. Sessions are run by our head coach Ajay Naik and a supporting coach.

Please contact Raj Patel for further details.


Kingfisher Table Tennis Club is an Elite and Premier Club based in Woodley, Reading.  The club has produced 18 Senior International players and we would like to increase this number. We also have a few junior members at the club who now represent England.  As a club, we will provide every child the opportunity to play for their club and country.

We aim to create an environment where young and committed players are the given the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of Table Tennis.  We aim to help our young players develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Also essential is the opportunity to spend the quantity and quality of table time each week, necessary to reach potential

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To become a club member, please click here . All players must be club members.
Yes, you can have one free visit to the club. You can either bring a friend or ask to play with a club member if available or have a 1-2-1 session with the coach which is chargeable. For taster sessions, please contact . For 1-2-1 sessions, please contact .
We do not have club nights, but there are many players who arrange their own sessions via WhatsApp. Please contact to join the WhatsApp group
Only club members can play at the club and as a member, you are allowed to bring one guest per 12 weeks, but please check the latest constitution and rules by clicking here and contact to book a guest visit.
Every member will be issued with a fob and key to gain access to the club. Please contact for more details
All members will need to have an account with ClubSpark to view and book tables.
Once you have paid your membership, all your table bookings are free.
A member or two can book up to 90mins per day. If the table is available (i.e. unoccupied) then you can play, booking is for the purpose of reservation.
Once you are a member you can access the club 24/7. Please contact for more details
The club runs morning clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9.30am to 12. Please contact for more info.
The club has over 15 teams in both the Reading and Bracknell League. For more info, please contact
Yes, we have many members. We have morning clubs and there are WhatsApp group you can join. Please contact to get more info about joining the group.
You must inform the Membership Secretary via email before your payment renewal date and return the key.
No, we currently do not provide adult group coaching at the club.
There will be an admin charge of £25 for members who do sign up to automatic payment renewal.
Please login into CoachA (payment and membership portal) and click in payment history and you will see all your payments. Your renewal will be 12 months from the last payment received. If you are unsure, please contact Raj Patel
Currently we do not offer monthly payments for club membership.
We welcome players of all skill levels. In fact, the majority of our junior players, specifically 85%, have no prior experience in the sport.
Sessions run 7 days a week. Session times/dates are located here
If spaces are available, your child can attend a paid taster session.
Spaces only become available when a current member either changes class (day or time) or decides to leave the club. There is no way of us being able to put a time scale on how long your child could be on our waiting list. As soon as a suitable space becomes available, we will be in contact via email or phone.
All payments are handled via our membership platform called CoachA. All coaching fees are due in advance via direct debit.
Children can play in multiple sessions. Please contact Raj Patel to discuss.
Kingfisher is a top 5 club in England and a performance hub. Our club boasts over 15 players ranked in the top 20 in England across various age groups. Additionally, we have produced over 20 senior players who have represented England at a Senior Level. Currently, we have 3 juniors in the England Youth Squad.
To cancel your membership, please provide us with a written notice at least one month before your desired cancellation date. Unfortunately, membership suspension is not an option at this time
There are many factors however this depends on our child’s progress, ability to learn and a discussion with the Head Coach.
Your child will undergo continuous assessment, with a parent's meeting scheduled every 6 months to discuss their progress. In case of urgent issues requiring discussion, either the coach or parent can schedule a meeting.
Club members have constant access to the club through their personal key/fob. However, it is important to check the Table Diary to ensure tables are not already booked.
Please click here to get latest costs.
During school holidays, we offer sessions but availability is limited. To inquire about availability, please contact Raj Patel at 07879 150 339
Our players who have been with us for 6 months or more are encouraged to participate in competitions, but we advise checking with your coach first. Additionally, we enter around 10 teams into different team competitions.
Your child can join to become a club member only. They do not have to join the coaching programme.
In order for your child to have 1-2-1 coaching, they will need to become a club member. It can be beneficial for children who may struggle in group settings or require extra support in specific areas
1-to-1 coaching is an excellent method to enhance your skills as it provides complete attention to your game. It is the fastest way to improve as the coach identifies your strengths and weaknesses and conducts various exercises to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, the coach discusses the crucial aspects of your game.
For further information, please contact . The cost of coaching services may differ depending on various factors.
The cost will vary from coach to coach. The cost will be approximately £40 per hour.
It’s fine to book one introductory session to try it out and then book more sessions if you find it enjoyable and beneficial.
Many coaches are willing to work with two players simultaneously, providing individual attention to each player and creating training exercises that both can participate in. The cost for a shared session should be equivalent to that of an individual coaching session.
Yes you can, but you must still be a club members.