Kingfisher Table Tennis Club is an Elite and Premier Club based in Woodley,Reading.  The club has produced 18 Senior International players and we would like to increase this number. We also have a few junior members at the club who now represent England.  As a club, we will provide every child the opportunity to play for their club and country.

We aim to create an environment where young and committed players are the given the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of Table Tennis. We aim to help our young players develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Also essential is the opportunity to spend the quantity and quality of table time each week, necessary to reach potential

Sessions run 6 days a week and we also run holiday camps. The complete programme is run by Ajay Naik with support from several other coaches.  All the group coaches are also available for1-2-1 coaching and we recommend that parents do have some 1-2-1s with a coach of their choice for personal development.

Competitively we have several teams in the National Cadet League, National Junior League and Junior British League.

The club is now seeking young players (aged 6-10) who have the desire and aspiration to be highly ranked players in their respected age group.

For further information on any elements of Junior Coaching please contact Raj Patel via email or phone (07879 150 339).

Player Performance Pathway & Expectations

  • Work hard in all sessions and respect all players and coaches
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the session starts in full playing kit.
  • Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable!
  • Players should arrive to tournaments at least 1 hour before first match
  • Play for the good of the game
  • Have a positive attitude and never quit attitude
  • Attendance is expected at all practices, games and tournaments.
  • Attend the competitions that we put in your calendar
  • Encourage positive teamwork and support/encourage fellow players.
  • Abide by coach’s decision regarding playing time and partner pairing
  • Approach the coach for all TT related issues.
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game
  • Immediately report any injury to your coach
  • Be the BEST that you can be at all times; for yourself, your team , your club and family.